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Let us upgrade for $0.00 Upfront Cost!

Want to sell your home? Don’t have liquid cash to upgrade?

Real Construction Group has a proven system that’s working great for homeowners all around GTA.

We offer a 5 step solution


Construction financing

Financing a major renovation doesn’t have to be a struggle. Remodeling a bathroom? Finishing a basement? Updating your kitchen? Real Construction Group helping you to get that project done. Apply Today!


Interior Designers

Giving guidance in defining art goals, establishing a timeline and budget, commissioning original artwork and encouraging community participation.  


Qualified Construction Teams



Home Staging

Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money


Real Estate Agent

Our real estate agents will do a Comparative Market Analysis to help you price your home. Knowing how much your home can be worth is one of the first steps in beginning to market the property properly.

How it Works

Our Approach

RCG takes care of the whole process from A to Z. With qualified team members specializing in each service listed above, we provide you a system step by step established for success for you.

Finance members

Finance members provide us financing quickly. They understand timing is a huge dominator in Real Estate sale process and success. Our relationship helps us get funding as fast as 48 hours approximately. We provide a one-year term for as low as 1% per month registered as a lien on the property.

Interior Designers

Interior Designers understand consumer behaviors and buying preferences. We have selected specific products, colors, themes and finishes that are all in stock with our venders for fast and reliable delivery. This also helps us create spaces that potential buyers would love at affordable prices.

Qualified Construction Teams

Our Qualified Construction Teams have been with us for years. They are qualified, highly skilled, reliable and dedicated professionals. We have members available in large numbers that help us stick to strict timelines along with quality workmanship.

Home Staging

Home Staging: Building spaces that return the maximum sale price in the shortest amount of time. We carry our own line of furniture handpicked and designed to stage from tiny condos and lofts to multimillion-dollar Estates

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents work only within our company who dedicate all their time to our clients. We have realtors who work with you with all the focus to generate the best results for your home. Our Realtors are trained to negotiate and fight for the highest value for your home by having the confidence of knowing the teams behind your renovation and designers.


  1. Finance Lending- 3rd Parties in lending. (pre-qualifier, assessment over phone call or email)
  2. Design & Construction Cost- (after qualified, we provide design & construction consultation
  3. Construction- Arranging Products, Full Construction, Strict Timelines & Budgets.
  4. Staging- After Cleaning.
  5. Real Estate agents working only for our company Real Construction Group.

The usual scenario:

Not all Home buyers have money for home upgrades. They usually buy homes with completed renovations that are “move-in ready.” If your house is not upgraded, it sits on the market for longer periods, you don’t get the $$$ you want for your home, The Real Estate agent has difficulty selling a home, so everyone gets frustrated and Poor Results.


We have created a system to help Client get their home upgraded for no upfront Cost

  • This gets you the most $ for your home as it’s the best home in the neighborhood have created a system to help Client get their home upgraded for no upfront Cost
  • Real Estate Agents can market it better and have more interested buyers
  • Staging has proven to sell the home faster as new buyers can visualize a finished property
  • A process designed for a win. WIN for You (most money and fewer days on the market), Win for Us as we get to continually provides construction services across GTA, Win for the Agent as it’s a good product to market and Win for the new home buyer by having a great looking and functioning home!
  • Interior Designer to pick the best finishes having the property sold as they know what buyers are looking for in a home.
  • We have trusted team members also listed in the back for your convenience to make the process easier from start to finish. From Design to Sold all set up for you.
  • We are here to provide you Value for your Home. Let us help make you more Money.
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